Digging Deeper – that’s where we are going. Growth Groups give you the opportunity to learn from some of our best leaders and teachers. Together we can affect our culture with greater impact as we are equipped by God’s word. Jesus never intended His disciples to stay to ourselves, He meant for us to touch our world.

Growth Groups is a continuously developing lineup of learning opportunities that we will present to you here at CCC. Our goal is to equip you and develop your gifts so that you are prepared to follow as God leads you. Your confidence will grow as you practice your gifts, and feed your spirit with the Word. Short (2-4) week sessions allow you to participate as your schedule allows.

Training will develop under four primary focuses; Foundational (Bible), Devotional (personal spiritual growth), Relational, and Missional (all levels of ministry). These courses will be presented onthe CCC campus, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings,during the Spring and Fall sessions. Some sessions will be offered live online as well as in the classroom.

In addition to the developing program, we will occasionally offer special speakers or timely studies such as this summer’s Coming Together series.

Below is the current lineup of courses. Make plans now to attend and build your spiritual muscles.

Fall 2020 Schedule

October 3

Street Prayer (Missional)

Saturday, 11:00am | Dream Center

Join Street Prayer for an opportunity to learn how to step out and pray for those you encounter. This group will meet at the Dream Center in Harrisburg.

October 6 & 13

Healthy Soul (Devotional)

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm | Ministry Center and Zoom

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Healthy Soul will be based on the research and writings of Dr. Caroline Leaf focusing on how Christians can take their thoughts captive for Christ. There will be two sessions, each consisting of teaching, guided discussion, and prayer.

October 6-20

Grow on Purpose with La-Kita Gilmore and Cynthia Jackson

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm | Ministry Center

Everybody is growing something - What are you growing? We are going to challenge the women to grow on purpose.

October 7-21

Healthy Community with Laura DuPre

Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm | Ministry Center

The importance and power of community can have a powerful effect on our health. What does that look like now, and how can we make it happen? The Lord encouraged us not to forsake assembling ourselves together. Join Laura as she examines how we can do that in our current situation, by using our spiritual gifts to build community.

October 7-28

Intro to the Prophetic (Missional)

Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm | Ministry Center

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The Basics of Prophecy – this series of classes is the first course designed for the believer who desires to advance in his/her expression of the gift of prophecy. We will study in depth the 3 components of a prophetic word – revelation, interpretation, and application, as well as deal with the topic of giving and receiving a prophecy.

October 20-November 10

Living Free (Devotional)

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm | Ministry Center and Zoom

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Living Free will explore and identify some of the more common areas in which Christians experience spiritual hindrances in their lives. This class will help identify the spiritual interferences, and teach practical Biblical remedies to eliminate the hindrances and live in increasing joy and fullness of life.

November 3-24

Neighborhood Discipleship (Missional)

Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm | Ministry Center

Ever wish you knew how to reach out to your neighbors? Don’t want to seem weird? Join Steve Kramm to practice natural friendly discipleship, learn how to easily build a neighborhood small group, or just reach out to that one person you may be called to bless.

November 4 & 11

Mentoring Young Adults (relational)

Wednesdays, 7-8:30PM | Ministry Center and Zoom

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Join Greg Dandy in Mentoring Young Adults. How do you guide young adults in Christ-like decision making? Learn how to speak to young adults respectfully while influencing them to be their best, and calling forth their destiny in Christ. Open to parents or anyone who mentors young adults.

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November 4-18

Business IS Ministry: Being Jesus on the Business Mountain (Missional)

Wednesdays, 7-8:30PM | Ministry Center

Deb is the author of Sell Like Jesus, and is a consultant to businesses to bring integrity to their sales approach. Learn how she affects the Business Mountain for the Kingdom, and how you can use her skills in your own world.