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    healing lives.

  • We are a community of believers who love God, love people and are committed to restoring hope and healing lives.



“OUR NEW EYES - GAINING INSIGHT" - There’s an ongoing process of turning from self-made views to “more and more depth of insight to discern what is best”. Explore ink blots, illusions, Sherlock Holmes, and how (S)aul becomes (P)aul.


“KNOWING YOUR IDENTITY" - Most of us desire to know who we are so that we can grow into who we’re uniquely meant to be! This class offers teaching and discussion re: apprehending our Christian identity; in it we’ll explore our royal ancestry, identity thieves, breaking off labels, and discovering who God says we are.


Have you ever felt stressed and overly committed? Have you felt the more you do the less you accomplish? Come out for great conversation and inspiration on the importance of a balanced life. Learn from women who will inspire you with their own personal stories and challenges.

Dr. Randy Clark

Dr. Randy Clark has over thirty years of pastoral experience and has impacted millions with his teachings and demonstration of the Lord’s sovereign power to heal. His message is clear and simple: “God wants to use you”.

HOME 128

Sharing life is what HOME 128 is all about! Join our gathering for parents and couples and have fun connecting over topics relevant to building healthy families.


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