Journey to Healing

At various times in our lives, we need the support of other people who can offer guidance, help us get back on our feet and cheer us on to the finish line.

At CCC, we offer various connections to help you on your journey:

Prayer Requests

We send regular emails to a team that will keep you in prayer throughout the week. It’s a great feeling to know people are praying for you as you face various circumstances. If you would like to communicate a prayer need, email us at You can also pray with someone on our Prayer Line at 223-800-8017.

Ministry Team

Every Sunday we have a team that loves to pray for people at the end of service. They will believe with you for breakthrough in any area of your life. Join us down front after service!

Healing Prayer

If you need a healing in your physical body, our teams are ready to pray for you! We set an atmosphere in the space of worship and faith as we prepare to meet with you. You do not need to register—just come!

   •  2nd Tuesdays, 7-8pm
   •  Tuesday mornings, 8:30-11am
   •  Prayer Center


ConnectUp is a local ministry that calls CCC their home base. They focus on helping people connect with God through healing prayer. This team utilizes a simple form of prayer ministry that ministers emotional healing and deliverance in a relational format with an emphasis on the presence of Jesus and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Freedom Ministry

This ministry brings freedom from spiritual oppression and demonic torment. Our sessions are Holy Spirit-led, non-dramatic and peaceful while the team guides you in discovering strongholds and bondages, resolving them through the power of Jesus. Our goal is to see you released into your destiny!


Life Coaches

This ministry is a safe place to receive restoration, support, life skills and other tools that enable you to move toward your maximum potential. To connect with a Life Coach, visit their web page here.


Psychological Health Affiliates

If you need ongoing support from a professional counselor, we partner with this local team with offices in various locations. They offer therapy services to children, teens, adults, couples and families.

Phone: 717-665-2675

Domestic Abuse

Do you sometimes feel afraid in your relationships? This ministry provides Christ-centered support in a safe and confidential environment to women affected by domestic abuse.

Phone: 503-850-8225
National Hotline: 800-799-7233

We are believing with you for breakthrough, healing and life-changing God connections! If you have questions or would like guidance in choosing which connection is the best path for you, call us at 717-761-2933.