What Is Life Coaching?


We empower people to boldly navigate life with hope, daring greatly to live in health, wholeness and freedom to be all they were created to be.


We are called to be a safe place where clients can receive restoration, support, life skills and other tools that enable them to move forward toward their maximum potential.

Reasons to Partner with a Life Coach

    •  You are stuck!
    •  Life and circumstances are out of control
    •  Lack of vision and/or direction
    •  Navigation for life changes and transitions
    •  Wholeness for broken places
    •  Recognizing and setting healthy boundaries
    •  Support & strategies to move beyond familiar
    •  Hope, Empowerment & Courage!
    •  Activate & Release for Destiny Purpose


“Working with a Life Coach created the family focus that was much needed, giving us the hope life-line that had been missing from the standard psychiatric care approach we had previously used. Our Life Coach not only provided us with an essential and substantial support system, but also became a trusted confidante.” —Anthony

“Life coaching has made a huge difference in my life this past year. Having lost my husband several years ago, I found myself unable to move forward. My Life Coach helped me move through the debilitating stress that kept me hostage. She provided life-altering strategies that helped me transform the thoughts that had been fueling my gray-colored perceptions, keeping me stuck. I feel so blessed to have had a Life Coach to help me. Because of her intervention, I have been able to take back my life and find joy once again.”—Cindy

“Four years ago I believed I was unworthy of God’s love. I brought up every dirty thing that held my life hostage from my destiny. Little did I know how my Life Coach would walk beside me and equip me with practical every day tools to break free from such tragic bondage. With biblical truth & wisdom I now know how to face life as it comes. Instead of wondering where God is in my circumstance, I now declare who my God is to the circumstances! Life Coaching was a key to opening every locked door that kept me from becoming the powerful woman God created me to be on this planet!”—Kristi

“I was introduced to Life Coaching at a time I felt chained in my circumstances and fell victim to hopelessness and crippling shame. I did not have high expectations for Life Coaching and was prepared to give up at the first sign of condemnation. This condemnation never came. Instead I was met with arms of love, shed tears, and encouraging words of truth. My life coach introduced me to my true identity as a beloved daughter of the Most High King. She took my hand and walked beside me as fear lost its power in my life and I began to discover my true purpose and destiny. She helped me see myself through the eyes of the Father who truly delights over His children and who promises that though we stumble, we will never fall. Life Coaching challenged me to go deeper, restored the hope I had lost, and gave me a refreshing new perspective. I am eternally humbled and thankful for my experience with CCC Life Coaching.”—Cassandra

“Having a Life Coach had been a Godsend! Imagine having someone come alongside of you, helping you find your way through, picking you up when you stumble and cheering you on to keep going. The coaching process has given me life-changing perspective. I now have choices, options and tools available to me to empower me to become exactly who God made me to be and I can do what he designed me to do.”—Becca

“I have been incredibly blessed to have a life coach in my life. I am thankful for the many things I have learned, and how life coaching has improved my life. As I put the tools and skills I’ve learned into practice, my attitude and thought-life have improved, consequently improving my relationships, my work and my life in general.”—Lisa

“Since my wife has been meeting with a life coach, she’s able to handle difficult relationships and situations better. She is developing confidence in herself and she has a much more positive grateful attitude.”—Keith

“My life coach helps me sort through facts, thoughts, ideas, realities and beliefs that effected the way I view life. Through working with my life coach, my perspective became more positive and I am now empowered in my ability to respond instead of react in difficult relationships and situations. As a result I have seen these difficult situations & relationships improve. The life tools & skills I received will continue to strengthen and encourage me.”—Kathy

“I have thought, countless times, how I would be completely lost if I had not made the decision to meet with a life coach. I could not repay her for all she has done, to show me how to live an EMPOWERED LIFE!"—Gloria

Ellen Shinn's Bio

Certified as a Christian Life Coach through the American Association of Christian Counselors, Ellen R. Shinn is a member of Life Coaching Partners in Camp Hill, PA. Ellen also has a degree in Biblical Studies from Gordon College, Wenham, MA and a Master of Arts in Higher Education from Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA. Her prior work experience includes serving as a tutor of middle school - college age students, a delinquency prevention program developer/grant writer, and a rural communities leadership instructor.

As a Christian Life Coach, Ellen’s desire is to encourage, support, and partner with you so that your potential is more fully realized and your destiny in life is fulfilled! Her practice is called Navigating Change and she specializes in providing support for those in the midst of various life changes/transitions (i.e., moving to a new location, change in family dynamics, retirement, other transitions).

Lee Yarlet's Bio

Lee Yarlet started her career in the field of education by earning a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education and a Master's of Education in Learning Disabilities. Lee's compassion has led her to serve in both local church ministries and international service missions. Following her career in education, Lee completed her certification requirements with the American Association of Christian Counselors to continue her heart-passion in assistaing individuals and families. She launched her Life Coaching business, Daring Greatly Life Coaching, in 2014. As a wife, mother, step-mother, educator, coordinator, and consultant, she has years of experience broadening her professional development to unique dimensions.

Renee MaLoy's Bio

Renee MaLoy
B.S., BA., M.A., MBA, D. Counseling candidate

Renee is a mother to a daughter and son-in-law and grandmother to two grandchildren. Renee’s undergraduate degrees in chemistry and biology equipped her with a pre-med background, and later she completed her first Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA) from Webster University. She completed certifications in Trauma Counseling with an integration of advanced skills in Clinical Counseling and is currently a doctoral candidate D. Min. in Clinical Pastoral Education. She started her counseling career ten years ago when she established a non-profit organization that focused on the reduction of stressors in the lives of adults and youth. Renee then completed a Master’s Degree in Marketplace Chaplaincy with a concentration in Christian and Clinical Counseling from Liberty University. She is an ordained and licensed Minister and Chaplain. A second passion she is pursuing is the establishment of transitional housing and counseling for women coming out of human trafficking, veterans and families. She is a part of the Task Force for the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. Renee sees clients in Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, and other and surrounding areas.