Life Coaching
What is Life Coaching?

“Life Coaching Partners” Vision Statement

Empowering people to live wholeheartedly with hope, daring greatly to fulfill their Divine destiny.

To influence, inspire, and empower individuals, businesses and governments to live and operate in Kingdom principles according to the purpose for which they were created in the local region, state, nation and internationally.

“Empowered Living”
Mary Miller
(717) 724-3450
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“Pathway to Wholehearted Living”
Pat Dupert
(717) 724-3479
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“Daring Greatly”
Lee Yarlet
(717) 724-3462
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Reasons to Partner with a Life Coach

  • You are stuck!
  • Life and circumstances are out of control
  • Lack of vision and/or direction
  • Navigation for life changes and transitions
  • Wholeness for broken places
  • Recognizing and setting healthy boundaries
  • Support & strategies to move beyond familiar
  • Hope, Empowerment & Courage!
  • Activate & Release for Destiny Purpose

“Working with a Life Coach created the family focus that was much needed, giving us the hope life-line that had been missing from the standard psychiatric care approach we had previously used. Our Life Coach not only provided us with an essential and substantial support system, but also became a trusted confidante.” —Anthony

“Life coaching has made a huge difference in my life this past year. Having lost my husband several years ago, I found myself unable to move forward. My Life Coach helped me move through the debilitating stress that kept me hostage. She provided life-altering strategies that helped me transform the thoughts that had been fueling my gray-colored perceptions, keeping me stuck. I feel so blessed to have had a Life Coach to help me. Because of her intervention, I have been able to take back my life and find joy once again.” —Cindy

“Four years ago I believed I was unworthy of God’s love. I brought up every dirty thing that held my life hostage from my destiny. Little did I know how my Life Coach would walk beside me and equip me with practical every day tools to break free from such tragic bondage. With biblical truth & wisdom I now know how to face life as it comes. Instead of wondering where God is in my circumstance, I now declare who my God is to the circumstances! Life Coaching was a key to opening every locked door that kept me from becoming the powerful woman God created me to be on this planet!” —Kristi
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