Prophetic Ministry at Christ Community Church

We value prophecy as one of the many gifts God has given to His people for their strengthening, edification, encouragement and comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3). We believe that everyone engaged in ever-deepening relationship with God has the ability to “hear His voice”. We also understand that this ability can be developed through passionate pursuit and intentional practice (Hebrews 5:14).

Receiving Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic ministry is available one Sunday each month prior to the morning service. There is no cost to receive this ministry, simply register through the sign-up links below at least one week prior to the scheduled ministry time. Please click here to download and read "Preparing for Personal Prophetic Ministry."

Sign-ups for 2023!

We are excited to be a part of the process of speaking life and encouragement from the Father. This is an in-person Ministry only, and we ask that you bring your own device to record the session during your Prophetic Ministry time. Click on any of the following dates to sign up!

•   August 27

•   September 24

•   October 22

•   November 26

Prophetic Training

One of our passions is to equip and activate believers in learning how to hear and recognize our Father’s voice. One Monday night each month we come together as a prophetic community to grow in our ability to hear God for ourselves and for others. If you desire to grow in your prophetic gifting and want to learn more about how to move in this amazing gift, please feel free to attend our monthly prophetic training events. Check the church calendar for our specific Monday night training dates.

Joining the Prophetic Ministry Team

We invite you to join with us as an “official” member of our prophetic team. While the path to join our team is not complicated, there are specific steps to initially connect and to continue as a functioning member of the team. To join our team, download the following 2 form:

Hosting A Prophetic Training Weekend

Christ Community sends out teams to other churches and events to offer prophetic ministry. For more information about hosting a prophetic ministry time at your church or event, please contact Sheri Hess, pastor of Prophetic Ministries,

Sharing a Testimony

We would love to hear your testimonies of how God spoke to you through our CCC prophetic teams. Please contact the prophetic team at to share your experience.