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Dave Hess' Healing

It's Supernatural * Sid Roth

Sharing at Christian Life Assembly

Miscelaneous Video Archive

September 8, 2019

Pastor Eric expresses a call for a corporate fast.

Father's Day 2018

Lincoln Newell honors fathers for Father's Day.

Embracing Accusation Drama

Performed by the CCC Youth Drama Team.

Lost Father

Jordan and Cory Dandy performing "Lost Father" from their new album, Destinys Calling.

VBS 2017 Recap

A quick recap video from Children's VBS.

Father's Day 2017

Jordan on keyboard, Cory on guitar, and father Greg on tenor sax.

Good Friday 2017

A special presentation by the children to selebrate Good Friday.

Cents and Sensibility

The Bible is filled with practical (and beneficial) financial advice.

Q & A

Question & Answer 1

What does it look like to live in His presence and be led by Him?

Question & Answer 2

Why do we receive our identity from the Father, and why the emphasis on the Father?

Question & Answer 3

How do we get the faith to know that with God all things are possible?

Question & Answer 4

Why do we value long term relationships of honesty and honor at Christ Community?

Question & Answer 5

How do we get from a place of knowing the truth to walking in the truth?