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Two Services

Our new Sunday Schedule begins June 6...

... with worship services at 8:30am and 10:30am!

Common Ground Cafe
8-10:30am snacks & coffee/beverages
9-10:30am omelets & smoothies

10:30am only

Growth Track

(In Person & Live Stream) Understanding...

... and Responding to Critical Race Theory on Wednesday nights, 7:00-8:30pm, Sep 8, 15, 29, Oct 6 – Pastor Dave, Anna Marie Dandy, Pastor Bob Baynard.

Over the past decade, Critical Social Justice Theory and now Critical Race Theory (CRT), has slowly pervaded into every area of culture. This ideology was unknown and inconsequential to most people in our culture because it was mostly taught as a “theory” in universities. However, in recent times, CRT has become a loud voice in society and the predominant ideology in all levels of business, government, media, the judicial system, and in education affecting how we think and live. CRT is indoctrinating our children to change the future from our Judeo/Christian values. It is also invading the church as a doctrine that is to be embraced. However, the tenets of CRT are not compatible with a Biblical worldview. These two views are opposed in their understanding of ultimate reality, power, authority, human nature, morality, and much more.

Join us for 4 informative and empowering classes in our Growth Track Series – details at christcc.org/growthtracks.

Pastor Susan Vigliano

We are thrilled to have Pastor Susan ...

... Vigliano, Associate Pastor at Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church and Founder and President of Peace Promise. Susan’s message is entitled, “Some Things Are Unchanging” as we focus on the unchanging nature of God and the clear message He has given us regarding the vulnerable and oppressed. In a culture that is powerful and ever evolving, we need to be securely anchored to God and His truth. Peace Promise will also be with us. Peace Promise has been fighting locally to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation in our community. This is an opportunity for you to purchase natural bath and beauty products with all proceeds going directly to aid in supporting the women they serve.