• One Sunday Service at 10:00am beginning January 2nd

  • We are a community of believers who love God, love people and are committed to restoring hope and healing lives.


Prayer & Fasting

Dear CCC family, As we enter a new ...

... year together, the Lord is inviting us to join Him by targeting our prayers in the following areas:

• For a Great Spiritual Awakening in our nation—as orphaned sons and daughters return to the heart of our Heavenly Father.

• For every promise made over our nation to be fulfilled.

• For people struggling with various mental illnesses—to experience His mighty healing/restoring power.

• For supply to increase in Christ Community that we may fulfill both our regional and international callings.

• For a tangible sense of the Presence of the Lord to be among us!

Let’s unite our hearts together, fasting and praying throughout the designated 22-day period of 2022—January 3 through January 24! Pray as you feel prompted and fast as you feel directed. Together, we will stand and see our Father do above and beyond all we could ask or think!

With you for His glory!
Pastor Dave

Biblical World View

What is a World View? And do I have one?

Yes, you have a World View, we all do, even though we probably don’t even know it. Our World View determines what we believe to be truth, and all our decisions and actions. Where do we get our World View? We get it from everyone and everything around us; our family, culture, the media.

As believers, our World View should be defined by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Although 7 out of 10 Americans call themselves Christians, only 6% actually possess a Biblical World View. But without it, we can be overwhelmed by the controversies and questions of our day.

Join AnnaMarie Dandy in ‘The Truth Project’, a video series defining and equipping us with a Biblical World View. To register for this class, please sign up here.

Victim to Victor

Ladies, join Empowered Women’s ...

... Ministry on Saturday, January 22 at 1:00pm in the Youth Center for Victim to Victor. You will learn from Peace Promise as well as a self defense lesson that you do not have to be a victim! Even the smallest women can defend themselves from a much larger Goliath! Dress for physical activity. Class size is limited. Please sign up through the online form.

Leif Hetland

Come hear Leif Hetland, describe ...

... humanity's worldviews and the position of a follower of Jesus using his well-known illustration of three chairs. ‘Chair One’ represents the Kingdom of God with the Holy Spirit resting on sons and daughters who see the face and hear the voice of their Father. ‘Chair Two’ represents the kingdom of self, in which we are controlled by what we feel and think. ‘Chair Three’ represents the unsaved world. God longs for you to experience everything He has for you; to see the world through the eyes of His Son, Jesus. With Son-glasses on, you will see and live in a way that refreshes, restores, and brings life, as you partner with Papa God. Leif is the founder and president of Global Mission Awareness just outside of Atlanta, GA. He and his wife, Jennifer continue to touch countless live through their ministry.

Valentine Banquet

Empowered Women’s Ministry ...

... cordially invites all couples to our Valentine’s Banquet: “That's Amore.” Celebrate your love February 11 at 6:00pm in the Auditorium. The night will consist of delicious Italian cuisine as well as fellowship and fun. Sign up by January 30. Tickets can be purchased online for $25 a couple here.

Joanne Moody

Joanne Moody will be with us ...

... for a special healing service on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 7:00pm in the Youth Center. Joanne was miraculously healed after 14 years of chronic nerve pain. Since then, Joanne has traveled all over the world sharing her testimony, leading healing teams, and praying for people to be healed. Joanne has a passion to see people walking in their true identity as sons and daughters of God. Be expectant of what God will do!

Georgian Banov

Georgian is a friend of the ...

... house and a JOY bringer wherever he goes! He has a powerful testimony of how he was liberated from socialism. God sovereignly drew Georgian with His love into deep revelation of His heart, His spirit, and His victory!

Charity Virkler-Kayembe

Every Gift of the Spirit in Everyday Life ...

Charity is a dynamic teacher encouraging believers to walk in the supernatural in everyday life! Whether at home, in school, on the job and in the gym, you are the Holy Spirit’s temple, and wherever you are, God is. Wherever God is, His gifts are. So, wherever you are, His gifts are!

Charity Virkler-Kayembe

Overflow of the Spirit – How to Release ...

... His Gifts in Every Area of Your Life

In this training, learn how to position yourself to connect with Holy Spirit within continually, overflowing with His gifts in every area of your life!

Since you are passionate to be led by the Spirit, you are already manifesting the Spirit! You probably are not aware of how easily and often you release words of wisdom and knowledge, prophecy, discerning of spirits, gifts of healings and the rest of the ninefold manifestation.

The lifestyle of honoring the flow of Holy Spirit who lives within (John 7:37-39) is much easier than the lifestyle of wrinkling our brow and trying to figure everything out. Christian spirituality is simple. We live like children (Matt. 18:3). We live in playfulness, faith, intuition, and gratitude toward the God who is with us, in us, and providing us with all things (Romans 8:32).